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Internet marketing comprises of three components - mostly SEO, PPC and Social Media.

Search Engine Optimization [ SEO ]

Our clients are our most prized assets. And we take pride in the websites we create. Without an active SEO campaign, it is almost impossible for any website to rank on page 1 of Google. We want your websites to perform for you. Our proven 'white-hat' strategies when implemented, will ensure that your website is Google-compliant and ranks on Google's top pages.  This ensures that our team fully understands your 'target market' and ensures that your website is found in top pages when they come looking for your products or services.

A well planned SEO strategy may yield results in a matter of couple weeks to a few months. Our SEO expert can advise you in more detail since each scenario is different.  Should your ranking fall due to your competitors aggressive SEO efforts, we can ramp our our efforts accordingly. Our clients currently show on page 1 of Google for their respective specialties.

Ask us for an updated reference list. We can work with different budgets and timelines.

Pay Per Click [PPC] Marketing

If you are looking for search engine performance, the above approach will rank you high in the Google's organic links. However, PPC also popularly known as Google Adwords offers you a choice. PPC is highly recommended as a short term strategy to get Google's traffic while you work on the long term strategy to get higher rankings in organic listings. That said, we have advised medium sized to large sized business to pursue PPC advertising as a means to supplement their organic and other online marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to Google, we can advise you on how best to advertise on any social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and You Tube. Depending on your line of work, marketing via these channels might be the best use of marketing dollars. We can create those respective profiles and/or assist you with placement of ads within LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter.  [ Read More ]

Each business case-study is different, feel free to discuss your objectives, budget and scenario with us at anytime. Call us at (604) 484-8242 or email us anytime for a free consultation.




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-Shyam Barrie

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Here is Why You Should Hire Us

No two website developers are the same. Some are graphic designers first and developers second; while some are the other way around. At Genesys, you get a perfect balance of good looks and brains behind every website!

  • Support Team. With a small team of four developers, designers and project manager, you get the service of a much larger agency at the small town prices!
  • Attention to Details. The websites we design are coded meticulously, done professionally and more importantly done right. No sloppiness under the hood.
  • Better performing websites. What good is a website if it performs poorly? Let's just say our websites go the extra mile.
  • Experience. With 15+ years of experience, you can benefit from our rich experience. Why make the same mistakes everyone else will and did?
  • One Stop Shop. Why deal with three different contractors to do what you need! We do design, marketing and maintenance all under one roof!
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